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Treating Shoulder Pain with Acupuncture (3)

Treating Shoulder Pain with Acupuncture (3)

Why choose acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the procedure of inserting and manipulating very thin stainless steel needles into various points on the body.

In the treatment of shoulder pain, the acupuncture needles are inserted at very specific points both at the shoulder, and throughout the body.

Notice in the above image that the needles are very thin. Unlike a hypodermic needle, acupuncture needles rarely cause pain.

The acupuncture needles reduce inflammation and debris in the shoulder joints and muscles, and unblock the flow of fluids and blood through the shoulder joint – allowing the body to activate its own healing mechanisms that are required for the shoulder to be bought back to good working order.

At Inclusive Therapies in Brisbane Practitioners use disposable stainless steel needles.

The 5 steps to relieving your shoulder pain through acupuncture:

Step 1 Understand the cause of your shoulder pain.

When you have an understanding as to the cause of your pain it allows you to explore the possible treatment options.

Step 2 Explore the treatment options.

While the treatment options available to you will vary depending on the cause of your pain, they will generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Pain relief medication
  • Surgery
  • Conservative treatment

Pain relief medications such as paracetamol (eg. Panadol) and ibuprofen (eg. Nurofen)  block the pain signal from reaching your brain. While pain killers have their place, they don’t address the underlying cause of pain.

Although surgery is expensive and involves months of rehab, it offers no guarantee that it will reduce your pain or improve you quality of life.

Conservative treatment options include manual therapy (eg. Osteopathy) and acupuncture (as practised by Traditional Chinese Medical practitioners). Conservative practitioners treat the underlying cause of the pain, removing your reliance on pain killers and allowing many pain sufferers to avoid going under the knife.

Step 3 – Know what the treatment will entail.

Regardless of whom you choose to treat your shoulder pain, ensure that you have a good understanding of what they plan to do, including how many visits to their clinic you will be required to attend, and how long each visit will take.

Step 4 – Choose a highly qualified, experienced practitioner. 

For the best results, choose a practitioner who has experience in treating conditions similar to yours.

Step 5 – Set a realistic treatment goal

If your pain has been around for years, don’t expect it to be

gone in 2 weeks. Setting unrealistic goals set you up for failure and disappointment, so be sure to set a goal that can be achieved.

What to expect at your first consultation

During your first consultation, which will last up to 60 minutes, we will assess your shoulder to identify the source of your pain, and explain to you the underlying factors that are contributing to it.

If the cause of your pain can be treated successfully with acupuncture, they will share with you their proposed treatment plan, including how many session it will require and how soon you will see results.

After your first session, you can decide if you wish to undertake a series of treatments or explore other options.


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